Yemen's decisive response changed the equation against the enemies

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani said that Yemen's rocket attack on Saudi oil installation inflicted a heavy blow on the enemy. "The enemy and its mercenaries" he said "are trying to cover up this humiliating defeat with promotional games."

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Speaking in a meeting with the new general secretary of Ahlul-Bayt (AS) Worldly Assembly, His Eminence stressed that the enemy is making concerted efforts to create discord and dispute in order to harm the Muslim Ummah. "The fact that the enemy wants to create discord among Muslims has always existed, and the enemy is making every investment to reach their aims," he noted.

"Following the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran and in the wake of the pure religion of Islam coming to power, the enemies made use of whatever lied in their capacity to extinguish the light of Islam. That was why they first created the eight-year imposed war which, with the sagacious and divine measures taken by late Imam Khomeini (ra), ended up in favor of Islam and the revolution," he added.

His Eminence reiterated that the enemy knows that 'military option' is not going to yield any result. "The enemy, after despairing of a military action, embarked on cultural and psychological warfare, and launched Shiitophia and Iranophobia campaign to crush the revolution."

He further said, "One of the actions taken by the enemy was to recruit mercenaries against the Islamic Republic of Iran.  There is no doubt that if the Saudi regime did not rely on the enemies and on money, it would collapse in a matter of one day because it is not popular. Those who are unpopular and do not have a good image turn to world powers for help. They spend money and end up getting called 'milk cow'".

Stressing on Shia Sunni unity, Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani (may he live long) stated that one of Imam Khomeini's important initiatives was to create unity between Shiites and Sunnis so that the enemy might not be able to make use of the differences. Even the monotheists of the world should be united against those who are antagonistic to religion."

"The enemies of the school of Ahlulbayt (AS) have written books on prophetic traditions, exegesis and history against Shia, and it is necessary that books be written in all these areas so that the truth and superiority of Shi'ism may be revealed to all," he noted.

Referring to Yemenis' brazen attack on the Saudi Kingdom's oil installation, the Shiite religious authority said, "With their rocket attack, the Yemenis inflicted a heavy blow on the Saudis angering the enemies and startling all as to how the rockets hit the oil installations despite the arrogant powers supporting them."

"At present, they have started a new game saying the rockets came from Iran and Yemen does not have such power. They are trying to cover up this embarrassing attack with their propaganda," he added.

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani went on saying that the enemies made every effort to downplay the overwhelming presence and participation of people in Muharram ceremonies. "Everyone witnessed how people passionately commemorated the event of Ashura leavening the enemy desperate. Unfortunately, a lot of propaganda is going on against Shia. Unfortunately, some use swords and knives during Ashura and even do not have mercy on their kids only to make the world's people run away from Shia."

"The enemies are taking every action to attack the revolution and Shi'ism, and we must foil their attacks using whatever means possible. More than 20 million pilgrims gather during the Arbaeen march to Karbala. We must exploit these opportunities as best as we can. No power other than love of the Ahlulbayt (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) can gather so many people in one place," he concluded.