Seminary students must maintain political and social presence in the society

An opening ceremony marking the beginning of the new academic year of the ‎Islamic Seminaries was held in Fayziyyah School in the morning of September 14th in the presence of Grand ‎Ayatollah Noori Hamedani and other renowned scholars.

Kashmiri people will foil enemies' plots,

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani speaking to seminary students from the Indian administered Kashmir said that the problem of Kashmir is because of British and colonial powers' conspiracy. He highlighted the need for resistance of Kashmiri people saying they would overcome the problem and regain their dignity through resistance only.

Message of His Eminence Condemning the Killing of Kashmiri People

All free people, especially the Islamic Ummah, statesmen, scholars, and human rights institutions must all take serious action on this matter. If they remain silent, Kashmir will enter a more dangerous and unfortunate stage. It is, therefore, necessary upon every free people of the world, regardless of their color, skin, race, religion, especially the Islamic Ummah and Islamic governments, not to remain silent against this great insult and inhumane aggression.


Question number 33657:
Salamun alaykum. Is the fast valid if a person is unable to throw out his mucous or phlegm and it goes down his throat without him being in control of it?

Answer :
If it does not reach his mouth and it goes down his throat, there is no problem and his fast would be valid.

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