The epic presence of people reaffirms continued decisive resistance against enemies

Grand Ayatollah Noor Hamedani described the presence of millions of Iranians in 22 Bahman rallies as a manifestation of the glory and greatness of the Islamic revolution.  He said that the message the strong presence of people sends out is that they will continue to decisively confront their enemies.

Muslim Ummah should stamp out enemy influence with their unity

Ayatollah Noori Hamedani urged Muslim nations to remain united and solid against their enemy to stamp out enemy influence.

Muslim scholars must not remain silent over crime of "the deal of the century"

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani warned about the execution of the shameful plan of the deal of the century. He appealed the Muslim Ummah, especially Islamic scholars, to come to the scene and seriously confront the conspiracy which aims to destroy the Palestinian cause.


Question number 33657:
Salamun alaykum. Is the fast valid if a person is unable to throw out his mucous or phlegm and it goes down his throat without him being in control of it?

Answer :
If it does not reach his mouth and it goes down his throat, there is no problem and his fast would be valid.

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